Faith Enrichment Conference

October 18-19 , 2019

Loyola High School
2477 West Broadway
Montreal (QC)
H4B 2A4

“Put out into the deep…” – Luke 5: 4

“Cast Your Net into the Deep…”

– Luke 5:1-11

God’s Word awaits our response.

We are not alone in that response.
Together we dare to believe.
Together we respond. 
Together can we bring forth the abundance that Jesus offers.

Join us!



As a follow up to the Parish Vitality Conference, the Office for Faith Education and the Office for English Pastoral Services have proposed the creation of Parish Dream Teams. This year’s Faith Enrichment Conference will launch the inauguration of Parish Dream Teams. These Dream Teams will dare to dream together of new ways to evangelize and catechize all who knock on our doors, as well as those who have not yet reached out to us. We will have three subsequent prepared and structured meetings to continue the work begun at the conference.


Gruppo Jobel – Art for Earth® believes in the role of artists as privileged messengers to disseminate good practices and create new, sustainable ways of thinking through creativity and involving languages.

Fostering new generations who can be aware, responsible, and sustainably-oriented remains one of the most important challenges of the present time.

Gruppo Jobel – Art for Earth® dedicates great efforts in working with and for young people, involving children, adolescents and young adults in educational projects, created specifically for parishes, career guidance programs and non-formal learning platforms aimed at: developing creative and critical thinking skills; raising awareness about youth rights, good practices and sustainable topics; disseminating a sense of responsibility about the active role that new generations should play as important agents of change in order to achieve social and environmental goals; ensuring their engagement, empowerment and full expression through creative and artistic tools.



My background is in performing arts, cultural management and in Oriental studies (China, India, Tibet)

I served as a catechist in my home parish in Rome for seven years.

I had the privilege to co-found Jobel Group in 1998 with Creative Art Director, Lorenzo Cognatti.

I immediately embraced Lorenzo’s vision to bring spiritual and social values into society through performing arts and cultural dialogue.

Since then I have worked in Italy, other parts of Europe and am now in North America, building strategic partnerships to establish educational programs and events that encompass the performing arts.

Through our work, we hope to reach out to communities and engage younger generations in collaborating with one another to build a future in which human/spiritual values are a shared priority.

Since 2015, all Jobel programs and projects are managed under the umbrella of the Art for Earth Project, in response to Pope Francis’ call to action to protect our common home.

Marinella Montanari
Program Manager, Executive Director
Jobel Group and Jobel North America


A dynamic and interactive group of workshops is being offered to families, catechists, parishioners, PCLs and parish teams. Spaces are limited so please register early to ensure your place.


Fr. Larry Léger was ordained to the Priesthood in 1993 and for two years was Associate Pastor for St. Jerome Parish in Brampton, Ontario. Since then he has served as pastor at four parishes in the Archdiocese of Toronto, most recently at St. Mary’s in Barrie, Ontario.

He is first and foremost a pastor with 26 years of experience. He has been a member of the RCIA Resource Committee, as well as the Liturgy Resource Committee of the Archdiocese of Toronto.

He has also been the Vice-Chair of the Ontario Liturgical Committee, Chair of the Archdiocese of Toronto Priest’ Seminar Committee,  a member of the CCS Homelessness Partnership Strategy Committee, where he also served on the Advisory Board, as well as a member of the Caledon Community Services Board of Directors.

Fr. Larry has been a team member of the North American Forum on the Catechumenate for 11 years. He has presented on the implementation of the Rites of Christian Initiation of Adults across North America, including on the specific periods of initiation including the rites associated with those periods: Pre-Catechumenate, Catechumenate, Purification and Enlightenment/Mystagogy.

He has also been a presenter at the ICSC Stewardship Conference in San Francisco on the topic of “Sustaining Stewardship in the Parish”, as well as presenting at a conference for Priests of Corner Brook and Labrador on “Stewardship from a Pastor’s Perspective”.

Fr. Larry has also authored several articles in Today’s Parish Magazine and co-authored, with Catherine Ecker a series on Children and Initiation in “Celebrate”.

Fr. Larry Léger

Christian Lépine

BLESSING and Commissioning Prayer

To conclude the conference, Archbishop Christian Lépine will offer us his closing remarks, the people of God, as we prepare to go forth to bring the Gospel to all we meet, both within and beyond our parishes. We are a Church that reaches out, to be of service to our immediate communities, to our neighbourhoods, and to our world. Archbishop Lépine will bless us with a commissioning prayer, to send us forth on our mission.


“Together we respond, together we dare to believe, together we can bring forth the abundance that Jesus offers.” – Faith Enrichment Conference 2019

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This year’s conference will be held at
Loyola High School
Entrance via

The Eric Maclean SJ Centre
2477 West Broadway
Montreal (QC) H4B 2A4

Parking is available behind Loyola High School ($6 – flat rate) and along side streets.

Please note that
will be held at:
St. Ignatius of Loyola Parish
4455 West Broadway
Montreal (QC) H4B 2A7

Loyola High School

St. Ignatius of Loyola Parish

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Join us October 18-19!

God’s Word awaits our response.

We are not alone in that response.
Together we dare to believe.
Together we respond. 
Together can we bring forth the abundance that Jesus offers.

Join us!

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