What is a Parish Dream Team?

“Put out into the deep…” – Luke 5: 4

Who makes up a Dream Team? How do I create one?

A Parish Dream Team is a team that dares to dream together of new ways to evangelize and catechize all who knock on our doors, and those who have yet to reach out to us.

Perhaps you already have a leadership team? Perhaps you are in the process of creating a leadership team?

The parish dream team can be made up of any member(s) of your existing teams, leadership team, baptismal team, RCIA team, liturgy committee, pastoral council, youth group leader, wardens. Anyone who appears to have particular gifts for evangelization and catechesis. Most importantly people who are on the front lines, including your PCL and a catechist.

What if we are already working on new ways to evangelize and catechize people, why should we attend?

Your presence will be very important as you will have much to offer others. Your insights and experience will help those who are starting out. Our diocesan missionary shift asks us to be united as the Church of Montreal, to work together with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Your input will be very valuable. Our mission this year is to assemble our gifts and together listen to what the Holy Spirit is asking of us.

What if we do not have a team or a PCL or a catechist?

Together with your administrative assistant, invite a warden(s), a parent, a parishioner, a volunteer to begin the process.

Let’s “Dare to Dream” together!

May the Holy Spirit be your guide.

Come, Holy Spirit, come!