A new generation of young people who live, love, serve joyfully

Mission Jeunesse Montréal is mandated by the Archbishop of Montreal to place young people (13-35 years old) at the forefront of the life and mission of the Church so that they can discover, reach and share their full potential and actively enrich their Communities.


For and with teens
and young adults

Young people play an essential role in the Church and in society. For this reason, we are developing opportunities in which young people can find their voice and engage in different ways to improve their environment.

All events and activities are organized with and for the youth and the communities that support them.


We also support Christian communities in their mission to young people through a multidimensional approach that includes:

Form meaningful relationships
Train and equip leaders
Promote the discovery and development of faith
Encourage participation in prayer and liturgy
Boosting social justice involvement

And much more!



We work closely with a multicultural, multilingual, intergenerational and intervocational network and contain a variety of charisma that consists of a variety of communities that share the mission of proposing Jesus Christ to teens and young adults.

Our role is to promote this wealth to encourage others to continue to cultivate it and develop these gifts to put them at the service of the mission in their communities.

Every event, diocesan project and pastoral response is organized in the spirit of respecting, celebrating and putting into action the richness of this diversity.


A community
more dynamic
and more missionary

Mission Jeunesse MTL organizes 4 gatherings for the Youth Ministers of the Archdiocese of Montréal throughout the year. These are opportunities to network, to share resources, build communion and better enable ourselves to respond more dynamically to the mission of evangelization in our city.

Mission Jeunesse MTL is mandated by the Archbishop to put young people at the forefront of the life and mission of the Church so that they can discover and share their full potential and actively enrich their communities.

2000 Sherbrooke Street O.
Montreal, QC H3H 1G4
(514) 925-4300

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