Awardees of Ville-Marie Award 2019

24 Apr 2019

Photo: Jon Eric Marababol

It takes a village to raise a missionary disciple

The awardees of the Ville-Marie Award remind us of the importance of community in the forming of disciples. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, they work to build spaces where young people can encounter Christ and each other. In turn, they inspire the people around them to be involved in youth ministry to create a new generation of disciples.


Alicia Gomez-Perea
& David Gomez-Perea

“David s’implique à la communauté paroissiale toute de suite après sa Confirmation en 2015. Il fait partie d’un petit groupe de jeunes qui commençait à faire des activités pour l’église comme des présentations pour d’autres jeunes catéchètes. David participait à monter les ”sketchs” et les discours auprès de ces activités, entre autres, la Pentecôte, la Semaine Sainte, dans une occasion David a fait le rôle de Jésus dans le Chemin de La Croix.

David a participé vivement à la préparation des présentations de la JMJ diocésaine des dernières années. Également, sa préparation pour les JMJ Panama pendant 2 ans, soit dans les retraites, les prières, les sorties. Le partage avec ses compagnons est très apprécié.
Sa croissance spirituelle et son amour pour le Seigneur lui ont amené à servir dans le ministère de la catéchèse. Présentement il est catéchète de Première Communion d’un groupe de jeunes de 13-15 ans. D’un autre côté il intervient également, auprès des jeunes dans la pastorale juvénile JUCLA (Jeunesse Claretienne).

Depuis mon arrivée à cette paroisse, il y a 2 ans et 2 mois, j’ai remarqué la persévérance de David et sa disposition de vouloir faire les choses jusqu’au bout. Il cherche à que les autres jeunes trouvent le Seigneur dans leurs vies.”

– Père Francisco Hernandez

“Le Pape François nous invite à vivre la joie de l’évangile, Alicia a su prendre cette invitation dans son coeur et le reflète dans ses actions quotidiens.

En 2015, après sa Confirmation, Alicia est resté dans le groupe de jeunes qui venait de se former, elle a fait plusieurs activités comme des présentations pour les jeunes cathéchètes, préparation à une soirée pour la Pentecôte, participation durant la Semaine Sainte soit avec le chant ou faisant un rôle dans le Chemin de La Croix Vendredi Saint.

Alicia participe chaque année à la JMJ diocésaine, dont les 3 dernières années a fait des présentations.
Présentement, après 2 ans de préparation ella a participé à la JMJ Panama. Lorsqu’elle est revenue, elle a toute de suite fait partie de la chorale Guadalupe de la messe 11h30, ainsi que du nouveau groupe pastoral latino JUCLA (Jeunesse Claretienne).

Je pourrais continuer avec la liste, mais ce que je mets en relève c’est sa joie de vivre l’évangile.
Depuis mon arrivée il y a 2 ans et 2 mois dans cette paroisse, j’étais surpris de rencontrer cette jeune fille qui avait la joie comme qualité de vie.”

– Père Francisco Hernandez



Francine Josiane Wanda Koumga

“Depuis 2015 Josiane est membre de la mission Notre Dame D’Afrique dans plusieurs comités. C’est une personne dévouée pour la mission, elle est engagée dans plusieurs comités (coordination des jeunes, lectorat, groupe biblique) Serviable avec un sens d’engagement remarquable. Elle a conduit le groupe de la mission Notre Dame d’Afrique au JMJ Panama 2019.”

– Amanda Kapinga




Janice Ian Tactaquin
& Maverick Umali

“Janice has been volunteering her time in Youth Ministry since 2006. She has since then become more involved in the Filipino Catholic Mission’s other ministries, such as the Worship Committee, dedicating her artistic talents to serve the Lord and the community. Though this may be a large task, she has never shied from accepting roles in Youth Ministry specifically, such as the ones mentioned below.

Her energetic personality and constant positivity make her an exemplary model of the joy found in serving Christ. She shares this with every young person she meets. Her humility and willingness to serve make it an undeniable pleasure to work with her.”

– Rhea Foz

“Maverick started as a member of the Youth Ministry in 2009, and was a member of the FCMM Knights of the Altar (altar servers). Since then, he has attended multiple faith enriching conferences, retreats and youth ministry Evangelization programs. Ultimately, this has led him to become a leader in FCMM’s Youth Ministry today. As his involvement grew at the parish, he also became involved with the Concordia University Catholic Students Association where currently serves as VP marketing of the executive team, helping organize, coordinate and host community and social outreach activities and initiatives. Through this program and CCO, he has co-led faith studies both on campus and in the parish. He has also volunteered his time with Mission Jeunesse’s virtual missionaries communications team.

Despite a rather busy schedule, Maverick balances his studies, his service and time with his family on an exceptional level. His faith remains unshakable despite exceptional life challenges that have come his way, which has fuelled his dedication to the mission.”

– Rhea Foz


Richard Bernier

“Richard Bernier is a man for others. His service to the students of the Newman Centre of McGill University has changed lives. Many people have come to the faith and grown immensely in their personal knowledge of God thanks to Richard’s generous and caring ministry as a coordinator of RCIA, teacher, and spiritual director. His example as a servant after the heart of Jesus, his gentle kindness, and his truly pastoral concern have deeply touched generations of Newman students and have resulted in many lasting friendships as well as many requests for Richard to serve as a godfather, which he does with great devotion. After having served as a member of the Newman Centre staff for years, Richard has continued to selflessly dedicate hours of his time each week to assist students in their journey with Christ without expecting anything in return for the last ten years. He finds deep joy in serving young men and women on the path of their life. We are blessed that he gives himself so freely in the service of our community.”

– Julian Paparella


Kevin James Reda

“Kevin is not only a leader among the youth but a leader in the parish. He has been active member of the parish for close to 20 years from when he was a kid and active in the youth group to his progression as a youth leader for over (5-10 years) and now as the parish’s youth ministry coordinator (5 years). He is involved in almost every aspect of the parish life (pastoral team, liturgy committee, evangelization, youth catechism) and he is depended on as an advisor. He is someone who loves to dream big to find ways to bring Christ to the youth – evangelizing the youth and their families.”

– Christopher Borelli


Kyla Palanca

“Kyla has sacrificed countless hours molding her household members into strong women of God and her dedication to the development of the CFC-Youth music ministry shows her passion for evangelization through worship music and her love for God.

Kyla has also been able to share (witeness) at multiple community events about her faith journey and inspire young individuals to strive for excellence in school and in service to others.”

– Paul Lirazan


Jennifer Sellathurai
& Aileen Gunaseelan

“Miss Jennifer Sellathurai hails from a very good Catholic Family. She is very genuine and responsible person. She is a very talented person for our youth community. She is a very good organist for our Church choir. She is a very good leader for formation for children. She has a very good personality. She is a one of our member of our youth association. She is very active and faithful teacher for our faith education and our Tamil Language.”

– Père Abragam Judenixon


“Miss Aileen Gunaseelan is a genuine and example for others.She is very much helpful for need people. She is very much interested in liturgy. She is a catechist and tamil teacher for children in our community. She is a very active member for our youth association. She is very much doing the volunteer work for our Tamil community Church. She is very punctual and responsible person. She is the leader of our youth Choir in our church.”

– Père Abragam Judenixon



Dennis Barry

“Dennis’ life and work in Montreal is summed up in the words of St. Paul to the Philippians: “all that matters is that Jesus is proclaimed. That is what brings [him] joy.” Dennis works hard to share the love of Jesus to the young people of the diocese, especially the students at Concorida. Through his work and leadership of the CCO missionaries and Concordia students, Dennis’ zeal and passion for Christ bears fruit with 87 students signing up for small group studies this past fall. Many were invited to place Christ at the centre of their lives.


Reaching out to university students that are indifferent or even hostile to the faith is challenging. Dennis is a leader at Concordia, reaching out to these future leaders of our church and society. Dennis leads to the periphery, seeking out those that have wandered away from the Church, and invites them back.”

– Eric Myatt

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