A physical, mental and spiritual endurance test

The Way of Santiago de Compostela is a historical trail that pilgrims from all over the world have been travelling for 1200 years in the calm and beauty of amazing landscapes. Walking from step to step is a physical, mental and spiritual endurance test. It accompanies the inner walk that leads the person to get to know each other better and to regain a little more serenity and peace at the end of the path.

A pilgrimage in the traditional way

In collaboration with Spiritours, the Youth Mission Team of the Diocese of Montreal offers you the opportunity to make this pilgrimage in the traditional way:

Sleeping in a pilgrims’ hut,
Walking with your backpack (20 km per day) we encourage you to walk in solitude and silence at your own pace in order to make the most of the experience.

You will benefit from the guidance of a competent accompanist who knows the “camino”, who speaks Spanish and who will encourage exchanges and reflection.

You will share this experience with a small group of pilgrims (8 to 15 people) who want to surpass themselves and walk inwardly like you. In addition, you will have good advice on how to prepare yourself physically and mentally for information and pre-departure briefings.

For young adults
(18-35 years) who:

  • feel challenged by a process of discernment of Christian life.
  • wish to follow in Christ’s footsteps.
  • seek to discover God’s will in their lives
    and answer questions:
    “What is my call? What’s my mission? »
  • commit to living the proposed approach to the fullest.
  • participate in times of prayer, daily Mass, fraternal sharing times.

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Mission Jeunesse MTL is mandated by the Archbishop to put young people at the forefront of the life and mission of the Church so that they can discover and share their full potential and actively enrich their communities.

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