Participate in the Youth Festival

Young people are invited to participate in the Youth Festival at the upcoming WYD Montreal 2019 on April 13, 2019. They are invited to take the Holy Father’s message or the WYD theme and share it in a creative way with others.

The presentation must contain the following elements :
  • Presentations must be artistic or musical (song, music, dance, skit, poem, etc.)
  • Presentations must be 5 minutes in length, MAXIMUM.
  • Presentations must be inspired by the theme of WYD and the letter of the Holy Father to young people.
  • Musical presentations must use instruments that are UNPLUGGED (acoustic instruments that do not need to be electronically amplified, such as guitars, flutes, djembe, etc.). The number of instruments must be limited.
For all minors (under 17)

The Parents or legal gardians of participating minors must fill out the following form:

Participation Form


2019-2020 Preview

2019-2020 Preview

 Mission Jeunesse Montréal 2000 rue Sherbrooke O. Montréal, QC H3H 1G4 (514) 925-4300 

Awardees of Ville-Marie Award 2019

Awardees of Ville-Marie Award 2019

It takes a village to raise a missionary disciple The awardees of the Ville-Marie Award remind us of the importance of community in the forming of disciples. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, they work to build spaces where young people can encounter Christ and each other....

Mission Jeunesse

2000 rue Sherbrooke O. Montréal, QC H3H 1G4
(514) 925-4300