The Apostles’ Cup is back!

15 Mar 2019

Often, young people are convinced that their spiritual life is completely separate from their everyday life.


The Apostles’ Cup bridges the gap between a young person’s faith and their involvement in sports; a sphere of their life in which faith is not always so apparent.
After a brief hiatus, the Ball Hockey Tournament is back this upcoming June 1st at Saint-Thomas à Becket Parish.


For all the details:

Via Lucis 2020 – Way of the Light

Via Lucis 2020 – Way of the Light

REGISTRATION REQUIRED TO ACCESS THE ZOOM ROOM OF THIS EVENT! If you have registered, the Zoom Link has been sent to the email address that you provided in your online registration. If you cannot find it, check your SPAM folder! See you soon! Join Archbishop Christian...

Mission Jeunesse

2000 rue Sherbrooke O. Montréal, QC H3H 1G4
(514) 925-4300

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