A cross will be given to every young man and woman participating in WYD Montreal. The VIVA cross is inspired by a drawing by Jun Lenard Argenal from St. Kevin’s parish.


” For me, the drawing signifies an invitation to the young from the Lord to avoid being closed off to the beauty of the actions we can offer the world. Also, the heart of Jesus, made of hands, shows us to have a heart that shows our love to service. That we often times get discouraged to act in today’s society because of the bad things that are happening (political corruption, pollution, death caused by bombardment, etc) . But instead we should consider the bad things as a motivation to get up, change the world and make it a better place. “
– Jun Lenard Argenal

Thank you to l’Oeuvre des vocations du diocèse de Montréal(OVDM) in collaboration with the Service de la Pastorale des Vocations Sacerdotales du Diocèse de Montréal et le Diocesan Priesthood Guild.

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