Love 101

Introduction to the Theology of the Body according to St. John Paul II

At the heart of the desire
to be happy and free.

Daily social media, advertisements, and entertainment present us with countless images of sex unhindered by any limits and rules promising happiness and freedom. However, in our experience, we seem to be more confused about sexuality and the relationship between men and women than ever before.

In his teaching on the Theology of the Body, Saint Pope John Paul II proposes a vision of life and love that can help us navigate the mixed messages we receive today about sexuality and happiness. This exciting vision proposes timeless and profound answers to questions that so many of us have:

• Why were we created male and female?
• Where do we come from and why?
• What is the meaning of life? How do we experience it?
• How can discovering “the language of the body” help me discover the meaning of my life?
• Is the Church’s teaching on sexuality still relevant today?


In four evening sessions, we will explore the key principles of the theology of the body.  We will discover together how God’s mysterious plan for our lives is revealed through our bodies and the call to love.  Attendance is recommended to all four sessions for maximum understanding and learning benefits.

October 6, 2020

Learning at the school of the pandemic: what is truly “essential” in my life?

In this first session together, we will look at our experiences of the pandemic and see what they reveal about who we are and what we desire deep down. We will look at our experiences over the past few months for some clues to understand how God made us. The “theology of the body” will be introduced as a framework for understanding our human experience.

October 13, 2020

From COVID-19 to Matthew 19! The three “B”’s: The Bible, the beginning and the body.

When questioned about the meaning of love in Mathew’s gospel, Jesus refers his listeners back to the opening words of Genesis and the accounts of the creation of man and woman. What do these ancient stories of our creation have to do with our experiences of the pandemic? In a dialogue between these ancient stories and our own experiences, we will explore our creation as male and female and how the desire to love and be loved is written into our hearts from creation. “

October 20, 2020

Can make we sense of the “fall”? How original sin became the ultimate experience of “isolation”

Living far apart from those we love is hard. Through the lens of social distancing during the pandemic, we will explore what our Catholic tradition calls “original sin” and how it affects how we live today. The ripple effect of this ancient event isolates us from God and others, and makes us vulnerable to being hurt by, and to hurting those we love. In this session we will learn about the biblical experience of “shame”, and how it impacts our lives, clouding over but not destroying our God-given capacity, and call, to love.”

October 27, 2020

What are you looking for?

These are the first words spoken by Jesus in the Gospel of John: in this simple question, we can see that Jesus comes to fulfil our deepest desires and to heal our wounded hearts. He doesn’t impose himself on us but respects our freedom. In this course we will explore Jesus Christ as the divine healer of our hearts and the journey of love that a deep relationship with him makes possible. We will also learn how the person of Jesus, God-made-flesh, reveals to us the deepest meaning of our bodies… in his gift of self throughout his life and on the cross. He is the theology of the body incarnate! “

In partnership with the Diocesan Centre for marriage, life and the family.

These dynamic sessions will be led for by graduates of the Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family, Katerine Perrault, MTS and Ellen Roderick, PhD. They will be offered in French and English.



The fee includes the four sessions and is non-refundable.

Attendance to all sessions is recommended in order to benefit from the maximum understanding and learning of the material


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