Remember when you were too busy and never had time to do anything? Now that we’re all self-quarantining, here’s a list of things you can do while you’re stuck indoors:


  1. Call a friend. Reconnect with them. Loneliness is not a joke. Check up on your friends regularly.
  2. Call your grandparents. You may not be able to physically visit them, but you can still call them.
  3. Finish those partially read books. Instead of buying a new book, maybe you can finish or reread the ones in your collection.
  4. Read the Bible. Start with Mark’s Gospel. It’s short and easy to understand.
  5. Learn how to play guitar (or any other instrument). Remember that guitar that you bought and never really touched ever since? Now is the perfect time to start learning how to actually play it!
  6. Work out at home. The gyms are closed, but you can still keep working on that 2020 resolution.
  7. Start a new show on Netflix. You’ve already watched The Office a hundred times.
  8. Teach yourself a new language using Duolingo.
  9. Learn a new recipe and share it with your roommates/family. Bonus points if you call your grandma to teach you.
  10. Have an indoor picnic.
  11. Treat yourself to a home spa day. Face masks and bubble baths, anyone?
  12. Learn how to cut (your own) hair. Those straight bangs might be a good idea.
  13. Write actual letters. If your handwriting is bad, see #11.
  14. Learn calligraphy. Then write fancy letters to your friends and family.
  15. Get artsy. Bring out your art supplies and make something new.
  16. Master the ancient art of Origami
  17. Learn a magic trick. Rabbits not included.
  18. Actually get proper sleep. There’s no excuse to be lacking sleep.
  19. Organize your tupperware drawer and any other drawers that need organizing.
  20. Learn a new TikTok dance
  21. Start a new Youtube channel. ASMR, singing, vlogging, cooking – whatever you want, it’s up to you!
  22. Listen to this COVID-19 Worship playlist on Spotify
  23. Rearrange your furniture. Make your home feel new.
  24. Play a new board game (and actually read all the instructions)
  25. Start journaling.
  26. Write that book that you’ve always wanted to write. 
  27. Invest in your prayer life. All fun aside. This is the best time to reconnect with God.
  28. Hang out with your friends on Facetime, Skype, Hangouts, Messenger, etc. See Staying connected with friends while isolated
  29. Take time for personal reflection.
  30. Tell the people who are most important to you why you love them. A season like this reminds us that we are living on borrowed time. Let’s take this time to honour the people who brighten our lives.

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