Allez! and make disciples of all nations

Challenges are often present in the daily tasks in the mission towards young people. Whether it is for a project, meetings to organize, they are always present.

The ALLEZ!GO! Sessions Go! are aimed at providing concrete tools and solutions for young people and all those working or wishing to work with young people in parishes, movements or communities.

These sessions serve to:

  • Call the Catholic Faith community to continually renew its affective and effective option for young people.
  • Invite, motivate, empower and energize young people to live as missionary disciples of Jesus Christ in today’s world.
  • Foster the personal and spiritual growth of each young person and
  • Motivate young people to participate responsibly in the life, mission and work of the Catholic faith community.
The Allez! Go! sessions and its concrete tools will allow each person to improve their leadership skills for their mission and everyday life. Participants will be more equipped to witness and face challenges of a missionary disciple in world.

These three hour workshops are based on the leadership style of Jesus Christ.

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Managing Stress
February 8, 2020


Knowing and Detecting Stress

Stress seems to be everywhere. Stress can be a great ally for adjusting to life, but chronic stress can be related to many mental health concerns (depression, anxiety, burnout) and physical concerns (headaches, muscle tension, heart problems, etc). Knowing how stress affects our body and how to make it an ally is essential. Knowing how stress affects our body and how to make it an ally is essential.

In this Allez! Go! session, you will learn to detect your stress and its mechanisms, impact on physical and mental health, and how stress contaminates our relationships


Stress Management Strategies

In this ALLEZ!Go! session, you will learn to detect your stress and find solutions adapted to your reality. You will learn to manage stress stress through strategies based on recent discoveries as well as how to develop the ability to manage stress in the family or group.

Stress management puts you in charge of an overall improvement in quality of your life and relationships.

God is bigger than our STRESS, fears and anxiety, and desires for us to live in His peace.


$20 NON REFUNDABLE and includes both sessions .

Attendance in both sessions is recommended in order to benefit from the maximum understanding and learning of the material.


  • Be dressed in comfortable clothing that allows you to move and exercise
  • Have a floor mat


Also available on demand


Establish a Vision, Build a Core Team, Collaborate

Conflict Management

Conflict Management, Communication Road Blocks


Spiritual Accompaniment, Active Listening, Pastoral Care


How to Plan & Run an Effective Meeting, How to Plan & Run an Effective Event

Managing Volunteers

Recruitment of volunteers, partners and community involvement

Processes and tools to recruit, prepare and support adults and young people who are involved.

Group Dynamics

Learning to know the group,
Quickly address issues with good feedback, Define roles and responsibilities,

Breaking down barriers, and communication.


WHO, HOW and WHEN of delegation

Skills for shared leadership

Time Management

“To discern my priorities, to live in coherence with who I am.”
  • Feeling overwhelmed with obligations for work, school, family and friends?
  • Is it hard to remember the last time you had time for yourself?
  • Are you wondering how you will manage to add another activity, event or meeting to your already busy schedule?

Come and learn key Time Management skills as we seek to appreciate the wisdom of Ecclesiastes 3:1 : “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.”

You will discover:

  • How to discern between your commitments?
  • How to live daily Sabbath time
  • How to establish priorities
  • How to focus on the quality of your present and not just the quantity of your time

Managing Stress

Knowing and Detecting Stress
Stress Management Strategies

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