Building a
hybrid pastoral

New times, new needs, and a new generation requires a new approach to reveal Jesus Christ to young people and to accompany them in their personal and spiritual growth as disciples.
We promote a hybrid comprehensive approach that allows us, as a Church, to better respond to the social, cultural, spiritual, and religious needs of young people.

This hybrid approach is a vision and practice of ministry that is more community centered, while focusing on individuals, their needs, availability and the context that they live in.

It encompasses faith formation in:

  • intergenerational faith communities,
  • family communities,
  • life-stage groups, and affinity groups.

It engaging children and adolescents in faith community experiences with all generations and family faith forming experiences—equipping parents to share faith at home and engaging in family faith practice.

It is an increasingly personalized blending of a variety of micro learning experiences, learning methods, group learning and individual learning, digital, and virtual as well as in presence with the objective of growing in the faith.

1. Accompaniment

Post-pandemic – What kind of Pastoral presence ?

This session will focus on the development and strengthening  of our: 

  • Multicultural awareness 
  • Active listening skills  
  • understanding and promoting the role of the family 
  • intergenerational and community dialogue

Wednesday, August 19, 2020
In English

Thursday August 20, 2020
In French

2. Pastoral Conversions

What are the necessary pastoral conversions that need to happen for building a Hybrid model of accompaniment? 

In this session we will explore the various paradigm shifts that are required for pastoral innovation and effectively reaching families where they are at. 


  • seeing beyond the book model (Traditional model)  
  • focus on the objective vs focus on the program 
  • focus on the learner 
  • integrate a variety of learning styles and rhythms 
  • befriending technology as a healthy and essential tool of evangelization 
  • it’s about change not technology 
  • Use social media to socialize vs just broadcasting 
  • making parents and community members partners in disciplining 
  • Jesus meets people at home, at work , at play,  in their everyday life and not just in the building 

Wednesday, September 2, 2020
In English

Thursday September 3, 2020
In French

3. Innovation

We are advocating for a transformation from a program-centered (or content centered) approach to a person-centered approach—with the content, activities, and programs fashioned around the person and his or her faith growth needs. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2020
In English


Thursday, September 17, 2020
In French



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