The Salt and Light of Montreal

In 1642, two young people brimming with faith and missionary zeal, arrived on the island and founded Ville-Marie in honour of the Virgin Mary. We focus on this heroic past to give thanks to the Lord, not only for the city’s beginnings but for its entire history up to now.

Many of us are able to be witnesses of God’s wonders through the exceptional individuals within our parishes, movements and communities. This is the reason why, the Mission Jeunesse – Youth Ministry coordination team would like to highlight the generosity of these disciples and apostles of Jesus-Christ who, often working behind the scenes, inspire us through their commitment and fidelity to Youth Ministry, and remind us of our real vocation as Christians on Earth: “You are salt for the earth […] You are light for the world.” Mt 5:13-15

Just as the founders of Montreal, through their faithfulness, service, and leadership nurtured a burgeoning community through its difficult beginnings to be a sign of Christ to the world, we would like for these witnesses of Jesus Christ to shine. They uphold the Gospel and show us all that “Living, Loving and Serving joyfully” is not only reserved for the few but for all of us!



Who is eligible?


A young person whose zeal in the mission is remarkable in a parish/movement/community of the Archdiocese of Montreal. He / She takes initiative in projects that have helped revitalize the Christian life of young people of the community. He/She has been inspired by the joy of the Risen One and never ceases to spread this joy through simple but original pastoral initiatives to share the Good News and touch people’s heart.


A Youth Minister of a parish/movement/community of the Archdiocese of Montreal whose charism and works in the community, group, movement or parish that they belong to is exceptionally remarkable. They work with young people, and are witnesses of Jesus Christ, through their actions, their presence and their accompaniment.



The MJ Ville-Marie Award seeks to encourage communities to join together in nominating and celebrating exceptional individuals who share their gifts and talents at the service of young people.

Please note that if a nominee is selected to receive the MJ Ville-Marie award, the awardee’s friends, family and community are encouraged to gather together to celebrate and witness the awardee’s reception of the MJ Ville-Marie Award at the Montreal World Youth Day 2018 Mass on Saturday, April 13th 2019 at 5PM Mary-Queen of the World Cathedral.

This will be an opportunity for the community to join together to celebrate the exceptional and generous involvement of this person in Youth Ministry.

How to nominate a person?

1.  Consult the community and pray for that person

2. Choose 3 references.

Each nomination must be accompanied by a minimum of THREE references, including:

ONE from the Pastor of the Parish, or Leader of the Community or Movement
TWO  from active members of the Parish, Community or Movement

*Please note that family members of the nominee cannot be considered as a valid reference. Candidates cannot serve as a reference for other candidates.

3. Fill out the online nomination form with the following information:

I. General description of the candidate:
  • Qualities that make them exemplary in the area of Youth Ministry.
  • Length of time that they have been involved,
II. Three  exceptional contributions

 • Be specific and list at least 3 specific and concrete contributions that the candidate has offered in the area of Youth Ministry. Describe how their involvement is exceptional and exemplary and deserving of the MJ Ville-Marie Award.

4. Confirmation of the support of the 3 references

The three references will receive an email with the nomination information provided in the online form.

The nomination will be considered valid only once the three references have confirmed their support of the nomination by email within 5 working days following the online nomination.

MARCH 25 2019

Selection Process

  • Please note that a nomination does not guarantee the reception of the MJ Ville-Marie Award. The Mission Jeunesse-Youth Ministry team will review and verify all nominations and all three references, and reserves the right to decline nominations that do not comply with the necessary conditions.
  • The nomination will be considered valid only once the three references have confirmed their support of the nomination by email within 5 working days following the online form.
  • Approximately two weeks before Montreal World Youth Day 2019, the Mission Jeunesse-Youth Ministry coordination team will inform those who submitted the nomination if it has been accepted or declined.

If the nomination is accepted, the awardee MUST be available to receive their award in person at the Diocesan Celebration of World Youth Day:



April 13, 2019




Submit a nomination

It is the responsibility of the person filling out the form to ensure that the information, emails and phone numbers provided are correct. Once the nomination has been submitted, no changes will be accepted.

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