"For a better management of our Fabriques during the pandemic and after"

May 27, 28 2020


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Vicars, Pastors, Parish Administrators, Wardens, Secretaries, Accountants and all other Administrative Staff


May 27, 2020 at 2:00 P.M. VIA ZOOM

An impact on finances

This webinar will provide tools for a better management of Fabriques during this time of crisis … and after the crisis as well!

We will hear testimonials of parishes that have successfully continued the mission despite the challenges caused by the pandemic. They will share how their activities have been transformed by the impact of the pandemic and how they have been able to cope with financial and pastoral challenges.

There will be a presentation on best practices and key strategies for communicating with parishioners. Together we will explore how to make the transition from Sunday collections to online giving through available platforms.

Finally, we will give a brief overview of government subsidy programs that are available to Fabriques.

We are pleased to announce that our Archbishop, Mgr Christian Lépine, will participate in this webinar. He will speak of the work that diocesan personnel have been carrying out since the beginning of this crisis to ensure that our Church is always present and continuing its Mission.

We hope to see many of you participate in this webinar.

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