Resources to assist us in the diocesan missionary journey

As our work continues, in a synodal manner, on the Missionary Transformation Project begun in 2018, we offer you some resources that focus upon the Church’s mission, its rationale and its scope.  We hope they will contribute to the fruitfulness of your discussions.

As a reminder, the synod questions and the proposed structure for synodal meetings are included in the Diocesan Handbook.


1. The facilitation document

This facilitation document will allow you to begin, with your community or group, a reflection that could lead to missionary initiatives in your milieu, thus offering a Church presence in known or new areas. Your approach is all the more important since it will also be a beacon that will feed the diocesan missionary orientations to come. This approach is flexible and easily adaptable to the profile of your community and to the type of animation desired.

Download the facilitation document

2. The reference document

The mission of the church as a whole defines its reason for being, its DNA (unique and enduring). The mission defines why and for whom the church was created: its fundamental purposes, the core of its activities. This document is based on all the synodal contributions that have highlighted missionary actions. 

Download the reference document