Register your WYD group with our delegation for #lisboa2023

Jun 22, 2022 | #lisboa2023

Starting today, June 22, we are now accepting group registrations for our delegation for WYD Lisbon 2023. But, before jumping into registration, make sure to familiarize yourself with our Registration Procedure. Group Registration is the first step in the process and it is meant to be completed by your group leader.


The group leader registers the group online and receives an email with a code that is unique to each WYD group, as well as the steps to follow for the individual registration of the group members.

A non-refundable fee for opening a file is payable at the time of group registration:

  • $100 (groups of 5 and under)
  • $150 (groups of 6 to 10 pilgrims)
  • $200 (groups of 11 to 15 pilgrims)
  • $250 (groups of 16 to 20 pilgrims)
  • $300 (groups of 21 pilgrims and more) 

Necessary elements

The group leader will need the following:

Group leader attestation form

Completed in PDF format (max. 400KB)

Valid email address

This email address should be shared with all members of the JMJ group. All communication with the Mission Jeunesse coordination team will be done through this email. Therefore, the group leader must make sure to use an email that he/she consults regularly.

First name, last name, sex of each pilgrim (exactly as written on their passport) 

Roles and special cases

  • Identify the roles of each pilgrim (group leader, assistant, spiritual guide, priest, etc.)  
  • Pilgrims with special needs and their companion  
  • Group leaders must contact Mission Jeunesse MTL before  the group registration if they would like to request a pastoral exception for the participation of a 17 yr old minor with their parent or legal guardian.

One package for the WYD group