Words of Legacy 

Grand launch of the Video :

” Sister Madeleine :

in the footsteps of Jeanne Mance”


Produced as part of the PHC / SASMAD 30th anniversary.

April 22, 2023 at 10 am, via Zoom.


Left : Sister Madeleine St-Michel, rhsj, 2019.

Photo by  : Blanca Rodriguez.

KEYNOTE SPEAKERS  participating in this event include :

Sister Madeleine St-Michel rhsj and some of her collaborators from the beginning, as well as Archbishop Christian Lépine.


Come to the video launching !

This event will take place via Zoom only and in French only









Blessed are those who with love… accept to be witnesses of Christ

Blessed are those

who with love…

find happiness

in the Word of


Blessed are those

who with love…

know how to meet

The Lord

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After the launch, you can view the video here and/or on our YouTube channel.



Right : Sister Madeleine St-Michel, rhsj, 2023.

Photo by : Nathalie (Thalia) Vaussenat.

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