Request a visit with a SASMAD/PHC volunteer

  • Are you currently experiencing a difficult situation?
  • Are you questioning your life’s purpose, your core and/or religious values?
  • Do you wish to take stock of where you are?
  • Are you mourning?
  • Would you like to have spiritual or religious support?

Who can request SASMAD/PHC accompaniment?


  • The person who is sick
  • The elderly
  • Community organizations
  • Family members and caregivers
  • Workers from the various health and social service networks
  • Anyone aware of someone needing spiritual or religious accompaniment.

The service provides…

Since 1992, the Archdiocese of Montreal has offered a service of spiritual accompaniment for the sick and the elderly in their own homes. The service is called SASMAD/PHC (Service d’accompagnement spirituel des personnes malades ou âgées à domicile) and is known in English as Pastoral Home Care. This diocesan service is confidential, free of charge and is made available thanks to the hundreds of volunteers who have received special training in carrying out these visits. The development of this service is made possible through financial aid provided by the « Les amis de Jeanne-Mance » Foundation in partnership with the Archdiocese of Montreal.


André Dupré, Director

Home visits

providing spiritual and/or religious accompaniment, according to the needs expressed by the beneficiaries.

A presence

respectful and comforting.

A listening ear

attentive and active, without judgement or advice-giving.

A vision

focusing on the essential, with respect to the person’s dignity, beliefs, habits and customs.

A special time

for listening to ones’ personal story.

A time for reconciliation

an opportunity to answer the need for reconnecting with oneself, with others and with God.

SASMAD/PHC Spiritual Accompaniment

Spiritual accompaniment is not psychotherapy, life coaching or catechetical instruction. Spiritual accompaniment means first and foremost the volunteers’ loving presence offered freely and unconditionally for each person they visit. Thanks to this open attitude of mind and heart, a positive climate is established, allowing a quality of relationship and involvement to develop through SASMAD/PHC accompaniment.

The essential factor in SASMAD/PHC accompaniment is that it takes place in the homes of the persons being accompanied – where they live. Getting on the road to go visit a person at home or in a residence is in itself an act of love. Meditating on the needs of the person we are about to accompany while en route becomes an integral part of the accompaniment process. While praying for the beneficiary and asking the Holy Spirit to be present during the upcoming visit, the volunteer has already begun his or her SASMAD/PHC accompaniment.

Our territories and our coordinators

We have five SASMAD/PHC sectors within the territory of the Catholic Church of Montréal.

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