This section is for SASMAD/PHC volunteers...


to help you report on your volunteering with us, to inform you about subjects of interest on our mission and to give you quick access to support as you accompany others.


The visit report is the document in which you record the date, time and place of your spiritual accompaniment. This electronic access greatly facilitates the entry of your data and makes it immediately available to the service.
The transmission of the visit reports records your personal participation in the SASMAD/PHC mission in the organization’s database.
The statistics that are generated are a means of reporting to the Jeanne Mance Foundation, the Archdiocese of Montreal and our partners, on the extent of the benefits of our works of mercy towards the sick or the elderly in their own homes.
Below we share with you two videos and a practical guide to help you fill out the visit reports.


Volunteers Christiane and Marcelle discuss the benefits of filling out the SASMAD/PHC visit report online.

Berenice Acosta, Administrative Assistant and SASMAD/PHC microsite developer, explains to the volunteers how to make a visit report entry.


Code of Ethics

We advise you to consult this document regularly.  Do you have any questions? Contact your coordinator.  

How to fill out Visit Report Guide FR

We have prepared this practical guide for filling out the online visit report.

Journal de visites ENG

Here is the English version of the practical guide on how to fill in the online visits report.

Communion spirituel

Here are some beautiful prayers in French (in case you need them) including the spiritual communion prayer.



Here are some beautiful prayers in Spanish.



Prayers ENG

Some prayers in English equally beautiful…. including spiritual communion.




SASMAD Synode document 2022-03 French version



SASMAD Synode document 2022-03 English version



Notes from the Synode SASMAD Event in English

Notes from the Synode SASMAD Event April 2022 in English

Tool kit page

Horizons of Hope : A tool kit for Catholic Parishes on Palliative Care. Click on the button to visit the website with all modules

Suffering and End of Life

How to fill out Visit Report Guide FR

 ” Medical assisted suicide plants a seed of death in democracy “.  Interview with Msgr. Lépine by Chris White   

SPVM form to be filled out by our candidates

SPVM form to be filled out by our volunteers and candidates