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There is a great number of people

who have answered ‘‘Yes’‘ to Jesus’ call to be of service to their brothers and sisters challenged by illness or old age. These volunteers work faithfully with SASMAD/PHC in accordance with the vision and mission of the Service. They are grounded in Jesus Christ and strive to serve Him by serving the poor, the sick and the elderly; and through visiting these persons in their homes, they bear witness to a church community of fellowship.

Volunteers Pastoral Home Care

“For I was sick and you visited me…”      (Matthew 25:36)

What is my commitment as a SASMAD/PHC volunteer?

After finishing the basic formation, you will begin your volunteer work providing spiritual accompaniment to a person who is sick and/or elderly in their place of residence.

Your responsibilities will include:


You will listen attentively to the person’s personal stories. It is very important to keep confidential what the person is sharing with you. 

Regular Visits

Ideally, as a volunteer, you will be accompanying this person once a week for a minimum of one year.

On-Going Training

We organize retreats, conferences, Masses, celebrations, prayer groups and other activities to keep your spirit refreshed.


You will maintain a log of your visits and participate in team meetings as called by your coordinator.


In the service that we offer, the values of respect for life and for the dignity of the person provide motivation and support for our commitment.

Responsible Pastoral Ministry Policy

All our volunteers must complete the various steps in accordance with the responsible pastoral ministry policy of the diocese, including providing references and undergoing a criminal background check.

Our Partners



"I know why I feel at peace when you come and visit me. God knows me… He inspires what you say or do and you do it, and then I feel like an actual adult person.”

– Madame Diane Marks, beneficiary in Laval West

‘‘Fear is the daily bread of the sick! I meet people who are there because of an infection, a fracture, an amputation, heart surgery, cancer, on their last journey… I am neither a doctor nor a nurse, so I am not there to heal their bodies. I am there to take care of their souls.”

–  Madame Monique Bourgeois , Volunteer, Eastern Sector

Our Team

The SASMAD/PHC team consists of one director, one administrative assistant and six coordinators. We serve all sectors on the Island of Montreal, as well as Laval and Repentigny. One of our coordinators is assigned to the Montreal English community. Our work is enhanced and supported by the Catholic Archdiocese of Montreal as well as the Foundation ‘‘Les Amis de Jeanne Mance.’’

André Dupré

André Dupré


Blanca Rodriguez

Blanca Rodriguez

Coordinator - Eastern Sector

Cathie Macaulay

Cathie Macaulay

Coordinator - English Sector

Christiane Lemaire

Christiane Lemaire

Coordinator - Western Sector

Francine Baudelet

Francine Baudelet

Coordinator - Laval-Repentigny

Maria-Regina Mélo

Maria-Regina Mélo

Coordinator - Western Sector

Thalia Vaussenat

Thalia Vaussenat

Coordinator - Centre Sector

Bérénice Acosta

Bérénice Acosta

Administrative Assistant

If you have any questions :

Contact :




(514) 272-4441 


1335 rue Chabanel Est, Montréal, QC H2M 2N8

Please note that our office hours are from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday. However, the office is closed during the pandemic. You can leave a phone message or send an e-mail at any time.